Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S. No. State Subject Issue Date
131 Madhya Pradesh Crossing permission for laying 18 inch LPG pipeline along with OFC for upcoming Kandla-Gorakhpur pipeline project across National Highway-12 (Bhopal-Biaora Highways) crossing (6.23 Mb application-pdf) 16-03-2021
132 Rajasthan Proposal for grant of permission for laying of PHED pipeline on Jaipur-Kishangarh section of NH-8 (New NH-48) at Km. 360.165, Kishangarh in the state of Rajasthan (3.14 Mb application-pdf) 16-03-2021
133 Tamil Nadu Laying 18” dia. Petroleum Product Pipeline along with OFC across National Highways No.544 at between 27/2 and 24/4 km (27+376 km) in Salem – Kumarapalayam section by Horizontal directional Drilling i.e.HDD method at Pipeline crossing by M/s. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Coimbatore (1.01 Mb application-pdf) 16-03-2021
134 Tamil Nadu Permission of lay underground Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) along the road from Km 66/600 to Km 71/400 (LHS) and Km 71/600 to Km 77/500 (LHS & RHS) for a total length of 16600 meters on road Karaipettai to Walajahpet (NH-4) in the state of Tamilnadu by M/s. Jio Digital Fibre Private Limited (1.00 Mb application-pdf) 16-03-2021
135 Bihar Proposal for grant of access permission to Retail Outlet of M/s IOCL at Km. 49.146 on NH-98 (New NH-139) in Plot No. 3482, Khata No. 171, Village (Mauza) - Mahabalipur, Dist.-Patna in the state of Bihar (1.37 Mb application-pdf) 16-03-2021
136 Maharashtra Proposal for Permission to laying Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) along NH - 548 C on Akot - Anjangaon - Paratwada - Baltul M.P. Border section Paratwada to Kharpi (Km, 107/800 to 115/200) and Km, 122/550 to 123/060, Km, 123/060 to 126/160 (RHS), total length 11.010 Km, in the state of Maharashtra (719.85 Kb application-pdf) 15-03-2021
137 Maharashtra Proposal of Permission for laying of U/G Water Supply Pipeline across NH 161 G on Patur - Balapur Road across Km, 06/600 Total length of 24.m in the state of Maharashtra (680.51 Kb application-pdf) 15-03-2021
138 Maharashtra Proposal of Permission for laying underground OFC along Km, 351/500 to Km 375/975 and crossing at Km, 351/500 on Shahdal Mandla Nainpur Balaghat Gondia Amgaon Deori Korchi Kurkheda Wadsa road NH 543. in the state of Maharashtra (749.90 Kb application-pdf) 15-03-2021
139 Gujarat Proposal for ROW Permission for Crossing of 11 kv Under Ground cable line with 185 X 3c XLPL power cable from km Across road Km 322+611 of NH-48 Village – Rola Taluka- Valsad in the state of Gujarat (1.73 Mb application-pdf) 15-03-2021
140 Maharashtra Permission for laying OFC on Permission lay Optical Fiber Cable along Arni Naigaon Bandi Road on NH 161 A Km, 00/00 to 30/400 (LHS) from Km, 17/800 to Km, 27/300 RHS total section length for ROW applied 39.900 Km, in the state of Maharashtra (700.55 Kb application-pdf) 15-03-2021