Archive of Invitation of public comments for access permission for Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S.No. State Subject Issue Date
1 Haryana Public Comment for water supply line on NH-248A at km 14.990 to km 15.850 in the state of Haryana (1.11 Mb application-pdf) 16-10-2018
2 Gujarat Permission for laying of Steel Gas pipeline along/across old NH-56 (NH-113) along km 261/913 to km 261/937 and across km 261/913 in District Dahod in the state of Gujarat (65.18 Kb application-pdf) 02-08-2018
3 Rajasthan Proposal of permission for laying of 250mm hdpe pipe line crossing NH-65 (Fathepur Pali road) near Deh. Tiraha Nagaur at Ch. 170/925 through trenchless technology  (107.98 Kb application-pdf) 26-04-2018
4 Bihar Invitation of public comments for NH-30 of km. ch. 38.00 crossing permission (1.22 Mb application-pdf) 03-07-2018
5 Odisha Permission for laying of water supply pipe line along & across on NH-26 from km 176.220 to 177.000, km 177.300 to 177.900 and Km 180.550 to 181.150 (91.52 Kb application-pdf) 17-04-2018
6 Tamil Nadu   Permission for laying of pipeline along NH-44 (old No. NH-7) from Km 93.200 to Km 150.500 in District of Krishangiri and Dharmapuri of Tamilnadu State (2.01 Mb application-pdf) 11-04-2018
7 Maharashtra Proposal for laying underground Optical Fiber Cable from Km, 104/000 to Km, 109/171 Km, to ending section Km, 1711800 to 1781120 at various Chainages Total Length = 411310 Km, by M/s Sterlite Tech (453.04 Kb application-pdf) 15-05-2019
8 Rajasthan Proposal for NOC permission for laying of optical fiber cable along the route from Km. 0.00 to Km. 27.00 on NH-232A (New NH-31) in the State of Uttar Pradesh (470.38 Kb application-pdf) 30-03-2019
9 Andhra Pradesh Road cutting permission sought by M/s. Dinesh Engineers Limited for laying of OFC Cable from Km. 32/730 to Km. 40/800 on Ibrahimpatnam-Chandragudem-NH-30 (Old NH-221) (9.60 Mb application-pdf) 03-02-2019
10 Rajasthan OFC along NH-15 from Ms. 146.400 to Ms. 155.860 (total length is 9.460 Km) & crossing Ms 146.400 & 151.400 in the State of Rajasthan (455.85 Kb application-pdf) 30-04-2019