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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
क्रमांक AIS Code Subject स्थिति Download दिनांक
76 Draft AIS-149/D3 July 2018 (Date of hosting on website: 12th July 2018) Conformity of Production (CoP) Procedure for verifying compliance to Constant Speed Fuel Consumption Norms for Diesel Vehicles with GVW/GCW exceeding 3.5 tonnes(Last date for comments: 27th July 2018) Draft application-pdf(442.32 Kb) 27/07/2018
77 AIS-093(Rev.1) & Amds. 1 to 3 and Corri. 1 Code of Practice for Construction and Approval of Truck Cabs, Truck Bodies and Trailers Final application-pdf(4.99 Mb) 01/07/2018
78 Draft AIS-008 (Rev.2) /DF/July 2018 Installation Requirements of Lighting and Light - Signalling Devices for Motor Vehicle having more than Three Wheels including Quadricycles, Trailer and Semi-Trailer excluding Agricultural Tractors Draft application-pdf(3.12 Mb) 01/07/2018
79 Draft AIS-090 (Rev 1)/DF/July 2018 Approval of Retro-Reflective Markings for Motor Vehicles, their Trailers and Semi-Trailers Draft application-pdf(1.06 Mb) 01/07/2018
80 Draft AIS-089 (Rev 1)/DF/July 2018 Approval of Rear Marking Plates for Heavy and Long Vehicles Draft application-pdf(1.01 Mb) 01/07/2018
81 Draft/AIS-121/D2/Feb 2018 (Date of hosting on website: 22nd May 2018) Requirements of Driver’s Seat for Agricultural Tractors (Last date for comments: 21st June 2018) Draft application-pdf(3.21 Mb) 21/06/2018
82 Draft/AIS-122 / D2/Apr 2018 (Date of hosting on website: 22nd May 2018) Requirements on Operating Space & Access to Driving Position for Agricultural Tractors (Last date for comments: 21st June 2018) Draft application-pdf(1.29 Mb) 21/06/2018
83 SS 33.1 The Towing Devices used on Motor Vehicles, Trailer and Transport Tractors from 2 Tonne to 35 Tonne Gross Mass Final application-pdf(58.11 Kb) 15/05/2018
84 AIS-152 Automotive vehicles - Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles of Categories M1, and N1 with regard to Brake Assist System Final application-pdf(828.72 Kb) 01/05/2018
85 AIS-151 Automotive Vehicles - Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles of Categories M1 and N1 with regard to Braking Final application-pdf(1.17 Mb) 01/05/2018
86 AIS-155 Microdot Systems: Product Specification Final application-pdf(292.83 Kb) 01/05/2018
87 AIS-150 Requirements for Approval of Vehicles of Categories M2, M3, N and T with Regard to Braking Final application-pdf(3.98 Mb) 01/05/2018
88 AIS-154 Type Approval Requirements for Vehicles with regard to their Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Final application-pdf(292.83 Kb) 01/05/2018
89 AIS-071 (Part 2) and Amds. 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles – Control Location and Operation Requirements Final application-pdf(489.07 Kb) 01/04/2018
90 AIS 137 – Part 3 AIS 137 – Part 3 – TA & CoP procedure for category M and N Vehicles for GVW not exceeding 3500 kg for Emission (BS VI) (6736KB,  Final application-pdf(6.58 Mb) 27/03/2018
91 AIS 137 – Part 1 AIS 137 – Part 1 – TA & CoP procedure for 2 W Emission (BS VI) Final application-pdf(7.68 Mb) 27/03/2018
92 AIS 137 – Part 2 AIS 137 – Part 2 – TA & CoP procedure for 3 W Emission (BS VI) Final application-pdf(4.00 Mb) 27/03/2018
93 AIS 137 – Part 4 AIS 137 – Part 4 – TA & CoP procedure for category M and N Vehicles for GVW above 3500 kg for Emission (BS VI) Final application-pdf(7.84 Mb) 27/03/2018
94 AIS 137– Part 6 AIS 137 – Part 6 – Administrative Procedure for Type Approval and Conformity of Production for BSVI norms Final application-pdf(63.27 Kb) 20/03/2018
95 AIS 137 – Part 5 AIS 137 – Part 5 – Procedure for measurement of net power for categories L, M, N and the maximum 30 minutes power of electric drive trains (BS VI) Final application-pdf(298.31 Kb) 20/03/2018
96 AIS-144 Performance Earth Moving Machinery-Rubber Tyred Machines-Steering Requirements Final application-pdf(314.80 Kb) 20/03/2018
97 AIS-143 Performance Requirements and Test Procedures of Braking Systems for Wheeled High Speed Rubber Tracked Earth Moving Machines and all types of Construction Equipment Vehicles Final application-pdf(1.16 Mb) 20/03/2018
98 Amd. 5 to AIS-007 (Rev. 5) Information on Technical Specifications to be submitted by the Vehicle Manufacturer Final application-pdf(49.67 Kb) 26/02/2018
99 Amd. 7 to MoRTH/CMVR/TAP-115/116 Issue 4 Administrative and Technical procedure for measurement and monitoring [average] Fuel Consumption in l/100 km of M1 category vehicles with GVW not exceeding 3500 kg Final application-pdf(0.00 b) 20/02/2018
100 Draft AIS-010 (Part 1) (Rev. 2) /D0 /January 2018 (Date of hosting on website: 11th January 2018) Provisions concerning the Approval of Headlamps emitting an Asymmetrical Passing Beam or a Driving Beam or both and equipped with Filament Lamps and/or LED Modules (Last date for comments: 10th February 2018) Draft application-pdf(1.72 Mb) 10/02/2018