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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
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101 Draft AIS-010 (Part 5) (Rev. 2) /D2 /January 2018 (Date of hosting on website: 11th January 2018) Requirements of Chromaticity Co-ordinates of Colour of Light emitted from Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices (Last date for comments: 10th February 2018) Draft application-pdf(373.63 Kb) 10/02/2018
102 AIS-138 (Part 2) Electric vehicle conductive DC charging system Final application-pdf(3.06 Mb) 20/01/2018
103 AIS-012 (Part 10)(Rev.1):2011 and Amd.1 Performance Requirements for Daytime Running Lamps for Motor Vehicles Final application-pdf(525.48 Kb) 19/12/2017
104 AIS-125 (Part 1) and Amd1 & 2 Constructional and Functional Requirements for Road Ambulances Final application-pdf(1.80 Mb) 19/12/2017
105 AIS-126 & Amd. 1 Two Wheeled Motor Vehicles - Location, Identification and Operation of Controls Tell-tales and Indicators Final application-pdf(959.69 Kb) 19/12/2017
106 AIS-012 (Part 8)(Rev.1):2011 and Amd.1 Requirements for Parking Lamps for Motor Vehicles Final application-pdf(782.30 Kb) 19/12/2017
107 AIS-012 (Part 7)(Rev.1):2011 and Amd. 1 Requirements for Reversing Lamps for Motor Vehicles Final application-pdf(421.57 Kb) 19/12/2017
108 AIS-042 Agricultural Tractors – Steering Efforts Requirements Final application-pdf(407.38 Kb) 19/12/2017
109 AIS-040 (Rev.1):2015 and Amd.1 Electric Power Train Vehicles - Method of Measuring the Range Final application-pdf(254.97 Kb) 19/12/2017
110 Amendment 4 to AIS-007 (Rev. 5) Information on Technical Specifications to be submitted by the Vehicle Manufacturer Final application-pdf(426.39 Kb) 19/12/2017
111 AIS-038 (Rev.1):2015 and Amd.1 Electric Power Train Vehicles- Construction and Functional Safety Requirements Final application-pdf(1.14 Mb) 19/12/2017
112 AIS-018:2001 & Amds. 1 to 5 Automotive Vehicles - Speed limitation Devices – Specifications Final application-pdf(704.70 Kb) 19/12/2017
113 AIS: 056(Rev. 1) AIS: 056(Rev. 1) regarding Requirement of Truck Cabin Ventilation System for Category N2 and N3 vehicles Draft application-pdf(736.74 Kb) 17/11/2017
114 Draft AIS-010 (Rev.2) Part 2/D1 /August 2017 (Date of hosting on website : August 7 2017) Provisions of motor vehicle headlamps emitting a symmetrical passing beam or a driving beam or both and equipped with filament, gas-discharge light sources or LED Modules (Last date for comments : September 6, 2017) Draft application-pdf(1.03 Mb) 06/09/2017
115 Draft AIS-010 (Rev. 2) Part 3/D1 / August 2017 (Date of hosting on website: August 7 2017) Provisions concerning the Approval of Front Position Lamps, Rear Position Lamps, Stop Lamps, Direction Indicators, Rear- Registration Plate Illuminating Devices and Reversing Lamp for Vehicles of Category L and their Trailers and Semi-trailers (Last date Draft application-pdf(1.03 Mb) 06/09/2017
116 Draft AIS-009 (Rev.2)/D1/August 2017 (Date of hosting on website: August 7 2017) Automotive Vehicles - Installation Requirements of Lighting and Light-signalling Devices for L Category Vehicles, their Trailers and Semi-Trailers (Last date for comments: September 6, 2017) Draft application-pdf(1.06 Mb) 06/09/2017
117 Draft AIS-057 (Rev.1)/D1 /August 2017 (Date of hosting on website: August 7 2017) Performance Requirements for Retro-Reflecting Devices for Motor Vehicles and their Trailers (Last date for comments: September 6, 2017) Draft application-pdf(647.23 Kb) 06/09/2017
118 AIS-039 (Rev.1) & Corri. 1 Electric Power Train Vehicles– Measurement of Electrical Energy Consumption Final application-pdf(417.20 Kb) 05/09/2017
119 AIS-037/2004 & Amd. No. 1 to 8 Procedure for Type approval and Establishing Conformity of Production for Safety Critical Components Final application-pdf(946.71 Kb) 05/09/2017
120 AIS-023 & Amds. 1 to 4 Automotive Vehicles - Seats, their Anchorages and Head Restraints for Passenger Vehicles of Categories L7, M2, M3 and Goods Vehicles of Category N – Specifications Final application-pdf(1.31 Mb) 11/08/2017
121 AIS-100 and Amd. 1&2 Requirements for the Protection of Pedestrian and other Vulnerable Road Users in the event of a Collision with a Motor Vehicle Final application-pdf(2.23 Mb) 11/08/2017
122 AIS-110 with Amd 1 to 3 Automotive Vehicles Temporary - Use Spare Wheel / Tyres and Run Flat Tyres Final application-pdf(729.64 Kb) 01/08/2017
123 Draft AIS-137 (Part 8)/D0/May 2017 (Date of hosting on website: 31st May 2017) Document on Test Method, Testing Equipment and Related Procedures for 4 Gas Analyzer & Diesel Smoke Meter : Testing Type Approval and Conformity of Production (COP) of PUC Equipment as per CMV Rules 115, 116 :PART 8 (4 Gas Analyzer & Diesel Smoke Meter) ( Draft application-pdf(595.27 Kb) 30/06/2017
124 Draft AIS-132/D10/May 2017 (Date of hosting on website: 26th May 2017) Procedure for Approval of Vehicles produced or imported in Small Series and Vehicles produced or imported under Pilot/Demonstration Projects (Last date for comments: 25th June 2017) Draft application-pdf(787.36 Kb) 25/06/2017
125 AIS-012 (Part 4) (Rev. 1): 2011 and Amd 1 & 2 Performance Requirements for Rear Registration Plate (Mark) Illuminating Lamps for Motor Vehicles Final application-pdf(382.38 Kb) 19/06/2017