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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
क्रमांक AIS Code Subject स्थिति Download दिनांक
151 AIS-127 Provisions Concerning the Approval of Adaptive Front- Lighting Systems (AFS) for Motor Vehicles Final application-pdf(1.31 Mb) 15/03/2016
152 AIS-049 (Rev. 1): 2016 Electric Power Train Vehicles - CMVR Type Approval for Electric Power Train Vehicles Final application-pdf(537.89 Kb) 15/03/2016
153 AIS-123(Part 2) CMVR Type Approval of Hybrid Electric System Intended for Retro-fitment on Vehicles of M and N Category having GVW exceeding 3500 kg Final application-pdf(1.15 Mb) 04/02/2016
154 AIS-072 and Amds 1 & 2 Approval of Restraining Devices for Child Occupants of Power-Driven Vehicles (“Child Restraint System”) Final application-pdf(1.43 Mb) 15/12/2015
155 Amendment 1 to AIS-007(Rev. 5) Information on Technical Specifications to be submitted by the Vehicle Manufacturer Final application-pdf(0.00 b) 15/12/2015
156 Draft AIS-017(Part 5) (Rev.1) /D1/Aug 2015 (Date of hosting on website: August 10 2015) Criteria for Vehicle Types, Variants and Versions(Last date for comments: August 31, 2015) Draft application-pdf(568.07 Kb) 31/08/2015
157 Draft AIS–017 (Part 4) (Rev.1)/D1/ Aug.2015(Date of hosting on website: August 10 2015) Procedure for Conformity of Production of Agricultural Tractors for compliance to Central Motor Vehicles Rules(Last date for comments: August 31, 2015) Draft application-pdf(568.07 Kb) 31/08/2015
158 AIS-130 & Amd. 1 Provisions concerning the approval of Light Emitting Diode (LED) light sources for use in approved lamp units on power-driven vehicles and their trailers Final application-pdf(611.40 Kb) 19/08/2015
159 AIS 010 (part 3) and Amd. 1 (Rev.1) Provisions concerning the Approval of Front Position Lamps, Rear Position Lamps, Stop Lamps, Direction Indicators, Rear-Registration Plate Illuminating Devices and Reversing Lamp for Vehicles of Category L and their Trailers and Semi-trailers Final application-pdf(591.03 Kb) 19/08/2015
160 AIS-024 and AIS-028 (Version 4) Safety and Procedural Requirements for Type Approval of CNG Operated Vehicles (Dedicated, Bi-Fuel & Dual Fuel) and Code of Practice for Use of CNG Fuel in Internal Combustion Engined Vehicles Final application-pdf(1.28 Mb) 01/08/2015
161 AIS-050/ 2004 and Amd. 1 & 2 Requirements for Vehicles with regard to Selection and Approval for use of Tyres for Two and Three –Wheelers Final application-pdf(256.14 Kb) 14/07/2015
162 AIS-024 (Version 3) and Amd. 1 to 8 Safety and Procedural requirements for Type Approval of CNG Operated Vehicles Final application-pdf(1.24 Mb) 14/07/2015
163 AIS-105 Requirements of Ballast Mass for Agricultural Tractors Final application-pdf(80.60 Kb) 25/06/2015
164 AIS-128 and Amd. 1 Testing Procedure and Requirements for Headlamp Beam Testing and Brake Testing at Authorized Testing Stations using Headlight Tester and Roller Brake Tester Final application-pdf(40.51 Kb) 05/06/2015
165 AIS-034 and Amd. No. 1 & Amd. No. 2 Automobile Lamps Final application-pdf(1.78 Mb) 23/05/2015
166 AIS-045 and Amd. 1 Automotive vehicles - Windscreen wiping system for 3 wheeler vehicles and Vehicles treated as such Final application-pdf(985.85 Kb) 22/05/2015
167 AIS-056 (Rev. 1) Requirements of Truck Cabin Ventilation System for Category N2 & N3 Vehicles Final application-pdf(876.93 Kb) 11/05/2015
168 AIS-035 and Amd 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles -The Arrangement of Foot Controls of Vehicles Final application-pdf(316.93 Kb) 11/05/2015
169 AIS-046 and Amd 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles – Hand-Holds for Three, Four and more than Four Wheeled Motor Vehicles – Specifications Final application-pdf(407.94 Kb) 01/05/2015
170 AIS-074 & Amd 1 Approval of Vehicles with regard to their Protection against Unauthorized use – Two and Three Wheeled Vehicles Final application-pdf(492.10 Kb) 01/05/2015
171 AIS-071(Part 1) and Amd. 1 Automotive Vehicles - Identification of Controls, Tell-Tales and Indicators Final application-pdf(3.95 Mb) 10/04/2015
172 AIS-021 and Amd. 1 & 2 Field of Vision of Motor Vehicle Drivers for M1 Category Final application-pdf(989.73 Kb) 10/04/2015
173 AIS-004 (Part 3) and Amd. 1 Automotive Vehicles - Requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility Final application-pdf(611.99 Kb) 10/04/2015
174 AIS-049 and Amd. 1 & 2 Battery Operated Vehicles - CMVR Type Approval for Battery Operated Vehicles Final application-pdf(157.34 Kb) 10/04/2015
175 AIS-129 End-of-Life Vehicles Final application-pdf(684.11 Kb) 03/03/2015