Establishment I

  • All administrative matters of all Officers and Staff of this Ministry including staff of Hon’ble Minister and Hon’ble Minister of State but excluding CSSS and MTS
  • Compassionate appointment not made.

Establishment IB

  • All administrative matter of all process of CSSS and MTS,
  • maintenance of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) and Annual Immovable Property Returns (AIPRs) of all Officers and Staff

Establishment II

  • All matters related to Officers of Central Engineering Services (Roads) [CES(Roads)]

Establishment IIB

  • Appointment of Chairman and matters in NHAI,
  • framing and amendment of Rules and Regulations for appointment of Chairman, Members,
  • Routine administration of NHAI

E.g., 29-07-2021
E.g., 29-07-2021
Circulars from Establishment and other Sections
S. No. Subject Issue By Date
1 Posting Order of Shri Kishor Chandwani, SE (327.16 Kb application-pdf) E-II 22-07-2021
2 Central Civil Services (Implementation of National Pension Scheme) Rules, 2021- seeking option in the prescribed Form I & II under the Rule 10 of CCS (Implementation of NPS) Rules, 2021 (2.79 Mb application-pdf) E-II 19-07-2021
3 Office Order regarding Shri G. R. Chaudhary Executive Engineer (S&R) (527.00 Kb application-pdf) E-II 06-07-2021
4 Commencement of Sixth Session of Seventeenth Lok Sabha and 254th Session of Rajya Sabha (July-August,2021) (31.68 Kb application-pdf) Miscellaneous 06-07-2021
5 Office Order regarding allocation of work of Road Asset Management System(RAMS) to Shri. Sanjeev Kumar,Chief Engineer (586.59 Kb application-pdf) E-II 06-07-2021
6 Procedure for offering/accepting post retirement contractual employments/assignment or consultancy etc (2.56 Mb application-pdf) E-II 02-07-2021
7 Amendment of Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961 – Assignment of work in r/o “Ropeways and innovative / alternative mobility solutions” to NHIDCL Cell (3.64 Mb application-pdf) Miscellaneous 24-06-2021
8 Celebration of 7th International Day of Yoga ( IDY )- 2021 by Morth (500.05 Kb application-pdf) Miscellaneous 17-06-2021
9 Transfer Order of Ms Aishwarya Gupta (467.00 Kb application-pdf) E-II 14-06-2021
10 Tauktae Cyclone Control Room Help line numbers (269.36 Kb application-pdf) Miscellaneous 16-05-2021