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Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S. No. State Subject Issue Date
51 Tamil Nadu Permission for laying underground Optical fiber cable along the NH from Km 89/443 to Km 89/710 (RHS), Km 89/825 to Km 90/325 (RHS), Km 89/443 to Km 89/860 (LHS), Km 89/925 to Km 90/325 (LHS) and Across the road at Km 89/443 & at Km 90/325 (Thanjavur-Trichy section) of NH-67in the State of Tamil Nadu (99.19 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
52 Uttar Pradesh Request for the pernission for crossing of 132KV Jansat- Ramraj Transmission DC tower no. 52 & 53 grade HT cable between km. 49+000 to 50+000, on along NH-119 in District- Muzaffarnagar in the state of UP (1.10 Mb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
53 Gujarat Access Permission for laying of Underground water pipeline of various size of DI & PVC with M.S. carrier pipe of 406.4mm &813 mm Dia carrier of NH-56 District-Dahod in the of Gujarat (780.73 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
54 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for overhead crossing of 132 KV T/Line between km. 544-545 Fatehpur (220)-Malwan CKT-I Husainganj LILO Overhead Kanpur- Prayagraj section of NH-19 in the state of UP (744.90 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
55 Uttar Pradesh permissin for crossing of 132KV Jansat- Hastinapur line between km. 45+000 to km. 46+000 on along NH-119 in District- Meerut in the state of UP (1.03 Mb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
56 Uttar Pradesh NOC For O/H croosimg of NH-91 132 KV Neebkaroai- Bhogaon TSS Line km. 274.790, near Village- mahawatpur, Distt- Mainpuri in the state of UP (774.94 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
57 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for permission of road crossing of 132KV phase agra south- Achhnera TSS line on new four lane agra bypass section at ch. 10+540 km near Ribha Toll plaza in District, Agra in the state of U (689.89 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
58 Uttar Pradesh NOC proposal of 220 KV DC PGCIL Shahjhanpur (400)-Ajeejpur Transmission line at ch. 10.00(from Shahjhanpur) (792.96 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
59 Uttar Pradesh NOC proposal crossing of 220 KV SC Shahjahanpur (220)-Ajeejpur transmission line at km. 10.500 (from Shahjhanpur) (814.19 Kb application-pdf) 11-02-2020
60 Himachal Pradesh Proposal for access permission toExisting Private Property at Chainage 143/530 on NH-22 (New NH-05) on the land side to be owned by Sh. Ravinder Kumar at KH. No. 1520/681 at Mohal Kareru Teh. & Distt. Shimla (H.P) (2.72 Mb application-pdf) 11-02-2020