Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S. No. State Subject Issue Date
81 Jharkhand Proposal of permission for laying water supply pipeline along & across the NH-23 (154.00 Kb application-pdf) 19-10-2020
82 Jharkhand Proposal of Seeking ROW for OFC laying work in Hazaribagh-Barhi Route (63.26 Kb application-pdf) 19-10-2020
83 Tamil Nadu Layining 8”dia Steel & 125mm’’ dia PE Gas Pipeline by M/s Adani Gas Ltd, Ahmedabad (i) along from Km 23.273 to Km 25.034 on RHS and (ii) across at Km23.037 on Nagapattinam - Thanjavur section of NH-83 (Old 67) in the state of Tamilnadu (3.61 Mb application-pdf) 16-10-2020
84 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for NOC permission for laying of water pipeline with road crossing on NH-25 (New NH-27) Jhansi- Oari section at ch. 122.685 to 122.8000 km, near Parichha, Distt- Jhansi (3.93 Mb application-pdf) 16-10-2020
85 Karnataka Hospet Chitradurga Section of NH-50 (Old NH-13) Permission for laying of 33 KV Over Head Electrical Line crossing at Km.385+622 of NH-50 (Old NH-13) near Hiremallanahole Village, Jagalur Taluk, Davangere District in the State of Karnataka (774.00 Kb application-pdf) 15-10-2020
86 Jharkhand Regarding Submission of proposal for National Highway NH-02 crossing for 132 KV D/C Saria-Bishnugarh Transmission Line (138.00 Kb application-pdf) 15-10-2020
87 Haryana Regarding permission for laying of sewerage Pipeline along NH -444A , from km 3.5 to km 4.1 (RHS, 600 mm diameter), km 3.6 to km 4.8 (LHS, 200 mm diameter ), km 4.8 to km 7.6 (LHS , 900 mm diameter ) ( Total Length -4.6 km ) and crossing at km 3.5 (800 mm ) and km 5.1 (500 mm ) of NH-444-A section of Ambala Shah district – Ambala in the State of Haryana (934.79 Kb application-pdf) 15-10-2020
88 Karnataka Permission for laying of 66 KV Overhead Tower Line Crossing at Km.172+300 of NH-48 (Old NH-4) near Guilalu Toll Plaza in the State of Karnataka (81.04 Kb application-pdf) 14-10-2020
89 Bihar Proposal for permission for over head crossing of 220 KV D/C Naubatpur to Bhusaula transmission line near Bhusaula Village at Ch. 27.280 on NH-98 (New NH-139) (3.10 Mb application-pdf) 14-10-2020
90 West Bengal Proposal for laying of underground 2 nos Natural Gas Supply Pipeline of Indian Oil Adani Gas Pvt Ltd along NH-2 in the following stretches Km 508.500 to Km 511.768 (LHS), Km 511.768 to Km 513.520 (RHS), Km 513.520 to 514.508 (RHS), Km 515.960 to Km 516.875 (RHS), Km 516.447 to Km 516.875 (LHS), Km 516.875 to Km 518.215 (LHS), crossing at Km 511.768, Km 513.520, Km 514.508, Km 516.875, Dist - Burdwan, West Bengal (845.92 Kb application-pdf) 14-10-2020