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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
क्रमांक AIS Code Subject Download दिनांक
176 AIS-011 and Amd. 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles – Testing Procedure for Windscreen Wiping System for 4 wheelers other than M1 Category of Vehicles application-pdf(453.92 Kb) 12/08/2014
177 AIS-070 and Amendment No. 1 Requirements of Temporary Cabin for Drive - Away - Chassis Configuration / Vehicles application-pdf(155.49 Kb) 12/08/2014
178 AIS-124: 2014 Procedure for Type Approval and Certification of Motor Caravans for compliance to Central Motor Vehicles Rules application-pdf(1.19 Mb) 06/07/2014
179 AIS-007 (Rev.5) Information on Technical Specifications to be submitted by the Vehicle Manufacturer application-pdf(4.75 Mb) 01/06/2014
180 Draft AIS-142/DF/June 2018 Evaluation of Tyres with Regard to Rolling Sound Emissions and/or to Adhesion on Wet Surfaces and/or to Rolling Resistance application-pdf(2.51 Mb) 01/06/2014
181 AIS-012 (Part 1) (Rev. 1): 2011 and Amendment No. 1 Performance Requirements for Front Fog Lamps for Motor Vehicles application-pdf(605.91 Kb) 16/05/2014
182 AIS-095 and Amd. 1 Requirements for Metallic Fuel Tanks of Automotive Vehicles application-pdf(191.17 Kb) 16/05/2014
183 AIS-034(Part 1) (Rev.1):2010 and Amd. No. 1 Provisions concerning the Approval of Filament Lamps for use in Approved Lamp Units on Power-driven Vehicles and their Trailers application-pdf(1.92 Mb) 16/05/2014
184 AIS-102 (Part 1) and Amd. 1 to 2 CMVR Type Approval for Hybrid Electric Vehicles application-pdf(707.67 Kb) 16/05/2014
185 AIS-062 (Revision 1) Performance Requirements of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Agricultural Tractors application-pdf(48.67 Kb) 01/04/2014
186 Draft AIS-017(Rev-1) (Part 1) /D1/December 2013 (date of hosting on website: 30th December 2013) Procedure for type approval and certification of vehicles for compliance to central motor vehicles rules (Last date for comments:30th January 2014) application-pdf(209.84 Kb) 30/01/2014
187 AIS-022 Amendments 1 to 5 Automotive Vehicles – Advance – Warning Triangles – Specifications application-pdf(1,015.86 Kb) 01/10/2013
188 AIS-000 Administrative Procedure to deal with Corrigendum, Amendments or Revisions to AIS, TAP 115/116, CMVR Notifications, IS and ISO standards, which are notified under CMVR application-pdf(92.50 Kb) 01/10/2013
189 AIS-084 (Part 1) and Amd. 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles – Performance requirements of Demisting Systems of Glazed Surfaces (Windscreen) of Motor Vehicles application-pdf(508.09 Kb) 02/08/2013
190 AIS-084(Part 2) and Amd. 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles – Performance requirements of Defrosting Systems of Glazed Surfaces (Windscreen) of Motor Vehicles application-pdf(555.58 Kb) 02/08/2013
191 AIS-012 (Part 6) (Rev.1): 2011 and Amd. 1 Performance Requirements for Front and Rear Position (Side) Lamps, Stop-Lamps and End-outline Marker Lamps for Motor Vehicles application-pdf(421.57 Kb) 01/08/2013
192 AIS-051/ 2004 and Amd. Nos 1 and 2 Requirements for Vehicles with regard to Selection and Approval for use of Tyres for other than Two and Three-Wheelers application-pdf(123.09 Kb) 17/04/2013
193 AIS-017 (Part 2) (Rev. 1):2013 Procedure for Type Approval, Certification of Agricultural Tractors For Compliance to Central Motor Vehicles Rules application-pdf(167.94 Kb) 29/01/2013
194 AIS-109 Requirements of Coupling Device (Front) of Agricultural Tractors application-pdf(99.99 Kb) 03/09/2012
195 AIS-030(Rev.1):2012 Installation Requirements of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Agricultural Tractors application-pdf(553.78 Kb) 01/09/2012
196 AIS-091 (Part 2) Requirements of Mechanical Couplings between Agricultural Tractor and Towed Vehicle and Vertical Load on the Coupling Point application-pdf(211.65 Kb) 01/09/2012
197 AIS-104 and Amd 1 Technical Requirements of Fuel Tanks for Agricultural Tractors application-pdf(115.30 Kb) 27/02/2012
198 AIS-014/2001 and Amd. 1 & Amd. 2 & Amd. 3 Automotive Vehicles –Horn Installation Requirement application-pdf(152.62 Kb) 27/02/2012
199 AIS-031 and Amd. 1 to 4 Automotive Vehicles – The Strength of Superstructure of Large Passenger Vehicles application-pdf(1.05 Mb) 11/12/2011
200 AIS-012 (Part 3) (Rev. 1):2011 Performance Requirements for Cornering Lamps for Motor Vehicles application-pdf(320.58 Kb) 19/10/2011